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What are the Different Types of Pest Control Methods?

pest control in OttawaAre you in need of pest control in Ottawa or thinking you might need it in the future? There are a variety of pest control methods available to you through personal efforts and professional exterminators, so let’s take a dive into some of the most common!

Prevention is Always Best

If pest control in Ottawa isn’t an immediate need of yours, all the better to prevent it first. Prevention is way more effective than removal and won’t be a source of stress. Take the time to ensure you don’t have a space for pests to be attracted to—damp spaces, for instance, can house lots of bugs, so get rid of any mildew and consider investing in a dehumidifier if you have moisture abundant in your home. You can also take care to declutter, dust, sweep, avoid leaving food out, do house repairs, and more. Don’t let an infestation drain your energy and wallet if you can prevent it with some simple actions.

Clean & Control

If you’re in the prevention stage of pest control in Ottawa, or if you’ve only spotted one or two little critters, cleaning and controlling your space is crucial. Do you have cluttered spaces where pests can hide? Do you have accessible garbage, compost, or unwashed dishes in your home? Do you sweep, mop, or vacuum thoroughly? Even little things like leaving the dog food out at night can contribute to pest occupation. Busy life can definitely make it hard to keep things tidy, but it’ll take even more time to deal with an infestation, so do whatever you can.

Natural Methods

Sometimes, the most effective methods of pest control in Ottawa are natural ones. Lots of professional exterminators make use of traps, bait, and other non-chemical methods when getting rid of pests, particularly when it comes to mammals. If you don’t want to hurt that little skunk that’s been hiding under your backyard shed, a cage trap could be a way to remove and relocate it without harm. Some natural methods are available in stores for you to buy on your own; however, if there’s any risk to your safety or the pest situation isn’t mild, you should always have a professional service for pest control in Ottawa.

Legal Pesticides

Pest control in Ottawa sometimes includes the use of legal pesticides. An example of this might be folks who spray their lawns with pesticides to preserve their grass. However, these aren’t usually the most appealing option; pesticides can cause health issues for yourself and wreak havoc on local ecosystems. Always consult with a professional pest controller first and do not try to handle these chemicals alone.


In some cases, pest control in Ottawa can include the introduction of natural predators to remove pests. This can work in big areas, such as crops, or even in areas as small as your house. If you’ve got problems with some mice and it’s not serious, the introduction of a cat or two into your home could be an efficient way to rid yourself of the problem. Of course, these methods are less guaranteed and should always be carefully considered, so be sure to contact experts before doing anything that could have a large-scale impact on your home and surrounding environment.

Overall, there are a variety of options to consider when deciding on which pest control methods are best for you, including prevention, cleanup, natural methods, pesticides, predators, and pheromones. Any conscious homeowner should take care of infestations as soon as possible with the help of professional pest control in Ottawa. Visit our website for more details.

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