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Wasp Removal Ottawa

Wasp nest removal with GO! Pest Control

In reality, wasps serve a purpose as a pest control for flies, worms and many other pests they can also create a problem around homes and businesses. Many refer to all insects that sting as bees, even though wasps are quite different. They have a distinctive appearance and behaviors which means they require special methods for elimination. This where nest removal Ottawa can help.

Wasps can be useful to the environment, though nests that are near homes and business can be a problem. So, if you are concerned about your children, or pets being stung, you may require the help of a professional Wasp nest removal Ottawa. The best time to get rid of a wasp nest is early on in the year which is when the colony is small, and the wasps are less hostile. Plus, if you manage to eliminate the queen you won’t need to worry about a new nest forming the same colony later on.

Getting rid of wasp

Getting rid of wasps has many challenges and the greatest being wasp nests. As those are concealed in spaces behind walls, in attics, or underground. Usually, the only indication of the nest is wasps flying back and forth through a crack or hole. If you find a wasp nest do not disrupt or bother it or try to crush the wasps. As some wasps when crushed could release pheromones which will trigger other members in the colony and lead to a full-scale wasp strike. Wasp nest removal Ottawa is your GO! Pest control when dealing with threatening bees or wasps.

Wasp nest removal Ottawa are professionals at what they do. Many people will try a do it yourself method. They will set up a homemade or store-bought trap. Though these may look effective, shortly after setting them up you will see wasps buzzing near or inside. Without knowing, you may have just made the problem even worse. The wasps inside the trap will usually attract other wasps from the colony and draw even more wasps to the area.

Pest Control Ottawa ON, professionals have the experience and the knowledge to locate and get rid of wasps and their nests safely. Wasp removal Ottawa pest control professionals use high tech inspection cameras to detect and locate wasp nests within wasps in no time. We also have access to environmental products that help eliminate wasps with the least disturbance to your business or home. If you have a bee or wasp problem, contact Pest Control Ottawa ON for a free inspection today!

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