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Pest and wildlife control is a large aspect of keeping your homes safe and disease free at all times. While most people associate pests, insects and wildlife attack on properties to suburbs or countryside living, it is actually surprising to find that urban living conditions are just as susceptible to such types of attacks. Having a reliable pest control service provider on your contact list can give you a peace of mind and a reliable option in times of immediate professional assistance for any episodes with pests or insects infestations within your property.

We are Go Pest Control – Canada’s premier pest control service providers with a wide range of coverage areas within the country. The company has a unique branch system for all coverage areas to ensure that a local team is always available to assist at speedy response times for all kinds of pest infestations or wildlife intrusions within both residential and commercial property ranges.

GO! Pest Control Toronto Services

Toronto is one of the most influential urban locations in Canada. The population in the city is close to 2.8 million and the area is famous for its unique mix of old and new residential buildings. The old architecture of many of the houses in the city is often prone to pest and insects infestations. At Go pest control services Toronto, we employ local professional experts to handle pest removal and insect extermination cases in the area. Based on our consistent experience in the area we have covered a wide variety of extermination cases, however, some of the cases are more common than others, setting a sort of pattern for Toronto area pest control services.

Bed Bugs-

We have often found the most common sort of cases registered with our Toronto services are serious bed bugs infestations within residential properties or complexes. Often modern urban buildings have cramped living quarters with inconsistent amenities for washing and drying linens within the complexes. We have seen this lead to severe outbreak of bed bugs infestations in many modern building complexes in the area. Our expert professionals are trained in handling commercial rental complexes as well as individual residential properties infested with recurring bed bugs outbreaks. We treat all upholstery, linens, and mattresses with specific cleaning and protection protocols to treat the infestation at its roots. We also counsel the clients on preventative protocols to avoid ever allowing a similar outbreak within their homes again.


Toronto is specifically famous for many of the streets retaining their decades old architecture seamlessly integrated with the modern buildings around. However, many such old architecture buildings in the city have dampness seeping in to the interior walls. The damp environment coupled with specific dark corners or storage room can easily allow the multiplying of the cockroach population within your homes. Such an infestation can result in getting the commercial licenses banned for affected food businesses. In households, the infestation can result in dire diseases such as typhoid, cholera, or diarrhea. If untreated with a proper protocol, any of these diseases can turn fatal. Trained experts from Go Pest Control Services can help you exterminate your current problem and put in safeguards all around your home or business properties to ensure that cockroaches do not enter the areas again.

Mice and Rats-

An outbreak of mice and rats can last for weeks or months causing indescribable damage to all your interior décor, food storage, electronic wiring, and fabric storage. You have to be very careful with the first signs of a mice or rat infestation and call in for professional help with the extermination procedure. A single call to Go pest control Toronto can get you a completely free consultation on your extermination issue over the phone and a house call within the day, with all necessary equipments to immediately start the rodent removal protocol for your homes or offices. The extent of the infestation will determine the actual schedule for your extermination process. However, we understand the value of your precious time and take care to speed up the process to the maximum extent as possible while still doing a thorough job on the procedure.

Why choose Go Pest Control Services Toronto?

• We provide complete extermination protocol for residential, commercial, food related properties, hospitality sector, nonprofit organizations and healthcare sector of Toronto region.
• Our team of professionals is based locally within Toronto. This gives us an exclusive option of expediting house calls within the day.
• With a locally housed team, we can also quote a competitive pricing because we do not have to add in transportation costs for bringing in professional experts from outside of the city.
• We have a stellar reputation with prompt and polite customer service with a completely free teleconsultation on your problem.
• Our team of professionals are rigorously trained, licensed and certified to handle a wide range of pest removal, infestation control and wildlife control protocols. We are prepared for every pest control eventuality to come to your aid under all circumstances.
Choose to have Go Pest Control Toronto on your speed dial list to give us a call for free pest control consultations at all times. We are always prepared to come to your rescue against all pests and wildlife issues!