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The Four Mistakes People Make When Choosing Pest Control in Ottawa

Pest Control in OttawaPest control is a big deal, especially if you are currently having a problem with a pest infestation. Whether they are big or small, you need quality, professional help, and you need it now. Even though you might feel panicked about the pests sharing your space, take some time to choose the right company to do your pest control in Ottawa.

Avoid these four mistakes that people often make when choosing a pest control company and you will ensure that your life can once again be pest-free.

Top Four Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Pest Control in Ottawa

1)  Not asking enough questions about the process

When you hire a pest control company to take care of your home or office, you need to ask a few important questions about their process. You need to know if the techniques the potential company employ use harmful chemicals. Do you need to vacate your premises for a number of hours or a number of days? Is there an environmentally friendly alternative that can be used? If you are dealing with larger pests, like racoons and skunks, find out where they relocate the animals to. Finding a pest control company that takes care of your pest issue in a way that matches with your own ethical ideals is important.

2)  Not researching the company before hiring them

Visit the potential pest control company’s website. Read the review they have posted on their site and then search for more reviews online. Check out the company’s social media accounts. How many people have commented? Are there any complaints that keep coming up over and over? Paying attention to the company’s past clients can help you to avoid hiring a less-than-stellar company.

Also take note of the awards and certifications any potential pest control company in Ottawa might have before hiring them. Make sure they are fully licensed, and move them up your list if they have received any awards for their work.

3)  Not getting a quote in advance

Don’t be surprised by the final bill. You should always get a quote before any work is done. If the pest control company comes across unforeseen circumstances that will add to the cost, they should have those additions approved before continuing the work. The final bill may not be exactly what you were quoted, but it should be very close.

4)  Not checking on their warranty

Reputable pest control in Ottawa always offers a fair warranty. The best companies stand behind their work and are happy to come back if the pests come back. Look for a pest control company that offers a 6-month warranty on their work. Paying a little extra upfront for a company that offers a warranty is absolutely worth the upgrade.

Choose the Best

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