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Skunk Removal Ottawa


Out of all the creatures that you would want to avoid being near your property, skunks are among the worst. Smelly and hard to love, the skunk is a creature that introduces nationwide revulsion. If you are suffering with a skunk problem, then you can contact the most reliable company in Ottawa,  GO! Pest Control.

We are skilled experts in the habitual destruction and permanent removal of skunks from your property. Given their awful smell and their generally off-putting presence, getting rid of a skunk can be a priority. From trying to sell your home to simply being sick of smelling the horrible smell of a skunk, you can find that this offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of your infestation once and for al.

Skunk Removal Ottawa: What Do Skunks Do?

Most of the time, the skunk will just hang around due to their strong sense of survival. They tend to find themselves to come into human inhabited areas to get their hands on old leftovers and the like. They are usually found loitering around decking, buildings and even patios to great effect.

They will eat just about anything going, from your garden vegetation to the small rodents that hang around unseen. They are very hungry animals and will thus eat just about anything that you throw their way. Their most prized food, though, is a chicken. If you don’t protect a chicken coop, it could easily get in there and make off with your chickens!

This is why we want to step in. if you are in need of the kind of reliable pest control Ottawa households need, contact us today. We can find out the problems that your skunk is causing, and making sure he can get all the help that they need to move on and find a new habitat. If they won’t, we’ll find another means of removal in extermination.

Skunk Removal Ottawa: Controlling A Skunk

Since a skunk can temporarily blind you with its rancid odor from as far as 10-feet away, we recommend that you do not engage a skunk yourself.  They are very aggressive creatures when cornered and, aside from their awful smell, will likely show no fear if you try to scare it away.

They are known to be common carriers of problems like rabies, too, so we recommend that you leave dealing with skunks to our team.

We canget the job done quickly and easily, removing the skunk from your home and getting rid of what can often be a frustrating issue at home. If you are sick of letting skunks damage or irritate your property, then contact our team today.

We will be happy to come down and take a look at the damage that your skunk infestation is causing. For proven rodent removal Ottawa home owners and businesses can contact us as soon as they are ready. We’ll come down and find a solution to put those skunks off your property.

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One thought on “Skunk Removal Ottawa

  1. Barbara MacDonald Moore - April 3, 2018 at 3:16 am


    I had skunks for the first time last year – sharing burrows with annual ground hog resident under my shed in Ottawa.
    It was late in the season and I had a company come and leave traps —- but they seemed to leave on their own – none were trapped. This year, there are dogs next door and I thought that would deter, but no luck so far.
    I would like a quick removal this year if possible. Humane trapping and leaving far away would e nice — I have an old shed, and it will probably be removed this year, so not interested in extensive grid wire around the structure.
    My phone number is 613-526-0521

    Thanks, Barbara MacDonald Moore


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