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Seven Questions to Ask a Bed Bugs Exterminator Before Hiring Them

The phrase “bed bugs” can and should raise alarm bells with anyone! They’re a nightmare for any resident! If you discover or suspect bed bugs in your home, any sane person’s first impulse would be to call the first exterminator whose number you can find. While getting these little buggers gone is the first priority, you really should stop, take a breath, and ask them a few questions. Any job doing is worth doing right. Don’t just type bed bugs extermination in Toronto into your phone and pick the top Google hit. Vet your contractors and make sure you get what you are paying for!

Do I Really Have Bed Bugs, or is it Something Else?

Before you panic and go straight to the nuclear option, ask your bed bugs extermination contractor in Toronto what the signs might be and look for them. Bed bugs, true to their name, tend to gravitate to places where people sleep. They feed on blood, and their bites don’t hurt enough to wake their victims. But check your sheets. If there is random dried blood on odd corners of your sheets, you might have bed bugs. Most people are allergic to their bites as well, so you or someone in your home may have small marks like mosquito bites or rashes in reaction to the bed bugs.

Do You Offer a Site Evaluation?

Ok, so you suspect bed bugs. Does your bed bugs extermination contractor in Toronto offer reasonably priced or free site evaluations? Bed bugs can spread very quickly and can make the problem worse in a hurry, not to mention the discomfort for all residents of just knowing they are around! You don’t want to delay treatments because the crew showed up for a particular scope of project and then had to delay because they brought the wrong type or amount of equipment!

What is the Recommended Treatment?

There is no reliable DIY method for bed bug treatment. Local bed bugs extermination contractors in Toronto will tell you that bed bugs multiply at too high of a rate to make this effective, and delaying professional treatment will make the problem worse in the long run. It’s recommended that, for a standard infestation, you have two treatments, approximately 3-4 weeks apart, to make sure that the current host and the existing eggs are destroyed.

What are the Contractor’s Methods?

Find out exactly what the bed bugs extermination contractor in Toronto needs from you. How much of your home needs to be accessed, how many of your belongings may need to be thrown away, and how this will affect your day-to-day in your home for you and your family.

Is This Contractor Professionally Affiliated?

Being officially affiliated with provincial or national organizations is a good signal that this company is held to a certain standard of training and performance. Agencies who perform bed bugs extermination in Toronto may be linked to organizations in Ontario or all of Canada.

Is Your Exterminator Properly Licensed?

Make sure that your contractor is properly licensed to perform bed bugs extermination in Toronto! Bringing in contractors who aren’t properly licensed might open you up to liability to injury or property damage that should otherwise be covered by their business’s insurance!

Workmanship Guarantee?

Be sure that your contractor gives you a fair and accurate assessment of their treatment methods! Make sure that they stand by their methods, and that they will repeat or change if necessary. You’re paying to get rid of blood-sucking parasites—the parasites should be gone when they finish their work! Contact GO! Pest Control™ for more information.

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