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Residential Pest Control Extermination and Wild Life Removal Services by Go pest control

Serving Ontario, Ottawa, Orleans, and Gloucester! Go Pest Control is your best bet for keeping your home safe and protected from the attack of wild life and pest attacks during any season of the year. When looking for exterminators for residential pest and wildlife control, you need professionals who you can trust. Go Pest control exceeds expectations with our amount of combined experience in this file and our consistent strive to remain up-to-date with most popular solutions and techniques to remove pest attacks from your homes.
We help control the growing nuisance of mice, ants, spiders, wasps, cockroaches, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and bats. Apart from the extermination of currently troubling pest attacks, we also put safeguard and protective measures in place to ensure that your residences are made safe against any similar attacks in the future.

Why Choose the Go Pest Control advantage for your residential extermination needs?

The decision of choosing the perfect wildlife removal company to tackle the situation at your residence requires a huge amount of trust and a lot of research. Fortunately, with Go Pest Control, you do not have dig too deep. We offer all of our experience and features upfront to our clients o you can make an informed decision and without losing time that can mean more property damage for your residence.

Fast service

One of the greatest advantages of ordering a Go Pest Control service is our fast and prompt response to your residential situation. W are locally situated and have branches located just minutes away from residences based in Ottawa, Ontario, Nepean, Manitok, Gloucester and Orleans. We come to your rescue and start the extermination process in all haste within a few hours of your placing a call to our service.

360-degree service for wildlife and pest removal from residential properties

We offer a full cover service for wildlife control and pest exterminations for your residences. This includes every type of wildlife native to the areas we cover under our services. We have a long-term experience with extermination in various areas and we understand the most likely tendency of pest attack for certain areas. We have handled every type of pests and rodents’ attacks and when you place the call, we come fully prepared to address your unique issue within the shortest amount of redress time.

Fully qualified technicians

Go Pest control only hires fully licensed and qualified technicians for all types of extermination and pest removal projects for all service areas covered by our company. We never take any chances with the safety and health for our clients and the complete protection of their residences. Our technicians will also be available to answer all your queries regarding simple tips and information about preventing pest attacks during particular seasons. Every professional under our banner take the special attention in informing clients regarding the issue of home pest and wildlife attack management, either during the extermination or after the project.

We take special care

At Go pest Control, we understand the panic and anxiety that clients feel in situations of wildlife or pests invading their homes. We take the time to assure you and address the situation immediately after the placement of the call. We also remain completely respectful of your property and home interiors to ensure that no unthinking damage is further inflected on your property during the removal and control of the problem. We also offer a post-control decontamination or clean up service to restore your residence to rights after any particular processes that need to be undertaken t arrest the main pest problem.

The bare bones of our pest control process

While we undertake unique processes curtailed according to the independent situations of different residences, we do have a base strategy for pest and wildlife control for your homes.

Starting at the interior of the residences

we start by treating hard to access crevices, corners, and areas of your home interiors. The crevices between the moldings, between the slats of air ducts and vents, are most notorious for hiding the nest of known pests and insects within the home. The correct treatment type is chosen for different types of pests and insects infestation to provide targeted solutions. We use effective treatments that comply with the highest standards to ensure continued healthy atmosphere for your home interiors within hours of finishing the extermination.

Continuing to the home exteriors

we monitor and assess your entire residence for vulnerable key areas where the pests and insects might find entry to your home. We treat the areas and sea them off to avoid any future chances of infestations.

Seasonal pest treatments

Finally, we end the treatment by protecting your home against any seasonal pests and insects’ trends that are most likely to attack according to the particular area of your homes. We also have customized seasonal packages to handle different season triggered pest and rodent attack issues for our service areas.