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 Tips from Raccoons Exterminator Ottawa to Expel Raccoons

Finding a raccoon in the attic and under the deck can be daunting and frustrating. Once they find a shelter in your home, they will hunker down and damage your property. Raccoons are big in size and hence a bit complicated to expel them. You might need Raccoons Exterminator Ottawa. Here are certain ways that you can follow to get rid of raccoons.

Protect your refuse

One of the most important ways to stop entry of raccoons in your yard and house is not to throw garbage in the open cans. Get some solid metal trashcans, put the garbage into it properly and keep the lid down. Coons look for wasted food in garbage so don’t let the garbage container open.

Trap raccoons

Trapping is the best way to evict raccoon from your house. Raccoons are very strong. They are enough brilliant and crafty to escape from the trap. Most of the time, novices bring wrong traps and fail to catch raccoons. If you’re not expert to catch them, calling Raccoons Removal Ottawa is the best option. Go! Pest Control has wildlife removal specialists. We will use the right traps to catch raccoons.

Keep your yard clean and fodder free

Keep your garden and yard clean every day if you don’t want to draw coons’ attention. Raccoons eat everything such as fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, garbage and pet food. Sometimes they grab rats and squirrels. So if you have fruit plants in your garden, you have to be a bit careful. If ripen fruits fall down on ground, pick them up immediately. Clean up fallen fruits like berries, nuts and birdseeds.

Put up a fence to restrict the entry of coons

You can restrict the entry of raccoons by putting up fencing. However, it’ll be great enough if it’s an electronic fence as coons are great climbers. You can use fences around your gardens, shrubs and trees etc.

Call raccoons exterminator Ottawa

Wildlife evacuation from house can be a challenging task. You must need a professional. Go! Pest Control is one that encompasses experts who can expel coons from your house easily. If coons are in your attic, don’t forget to call the experts as there may be a female with kids. They may harm you, and if you intimidate the female and she leaves, you have to ensure that kids are also evicted because they may die of starvation that will eventually leave your house stinking badly. We are experts in dealing with coons smartly and ensure that your attic is empty.

If you are looking forward to using a cage trap for catching coons, consulting Go! Pest Control is a nice option. We know the right type of trap to catch them. We will also inspect all entry points in your house and give you suggestions to prevent coons’ entry. If you want to get rid of raccoons, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on a toll-free number or leave a message. We will quickly solve the issue.



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