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Racoon Babies

This time of year racoons babies are on the way. Racoon pups are born blind and completely dependant on their mother for milk and warmth.

Racoon pups a generally do not leave the nest until about 8 weeks of age. Separating a racoon mother from her young can make the mother very aggressive and more prone to cause damage to homes and other properties.

Racoon pups, approximately 1-2 weeks old.

While the easiest way to deal with a racoon nest with nursing young is to simply wait till they’re mature enough to leave on their own, that may not be a good option for most people or even desirable at all.

Your best bet for managing an active nest with nursing young is to call in the professionals. Look for companies that work in wildlife control and relocation, not just pest control or extermination.

Read reviews on those companies, Google, Facebook and HomeStars are all good places to find reviews on Wildlife Control / Pest Control companies.

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