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The acrobatic nature of squirrels make individuals think that they are amicable and can cause no harm, however, this is not true. The energy and passion which we see them jumping from one tree branch to the other is the same one they employ when damaging your dormer and chewing up things in your garage. It is one of the most ruinous rodents. Squirrel pest control service providers should be contacted as soon as you spot one around your dwelling. Failing to do this may result into destruction not only to your homestead but also to your gardens where they may go and dig up roots of plants, thus affecting their growth.
The first method to learn about squirrel contamination is to see them jumping cheerfully in your surroundings. They are seen trying to access the roof so that they can go to the garret region or there is a chance of running into them in your garage. If noticeable acute damages are found around the home, then there are chances of squirrel infestation at your place. Rustling and erosive sounds especially in the walls and the attic regions are heard if there are chances of squirrel affliction.
Keeping squirrels away from your persona; property may be difficult, since the rodents can simply hide somewhere underground or climb over most fences, though electric fencing may be quite effective. Tree squirrels and flying squirrels can be stopped from entering into the living region by closing and sealing all possible entrances and curtailing tree limbs that hang over roofs.
GO! PEST CONTROL SERVICES have an expertise in controlling squirrels. They have decisive way of moving the squirrels and make sure that they never come back again. They start their process by the inspection of the building to arbitrate the nature of infestation. Since infestation may alter from place to place, there will be appropriate ways of dealing with every type of infestation. Non barbaric methods that are compassionate enough not to kill or hurt the squirrel are being used. The department of Go! Pest control should be contacted on the spot if a squirrel is seen within the premises. Technicians have the specialised techniques of finding the squirrels and removing them from private properties. Delay of any kind may result into destruction which may lead you to sustaining a lot of financial losses in repairs. For immediate help on animal and pest control for squirrels on Ottawa, call (613)366-2202.”

PEST: Squirrel

HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease, Animal, Humans


SOLUTION: Removal & Relocation

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