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Humane chipmunks removal


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While they might look adorable, one of the most common forms of wildlife removal Ottawa residents need to handle is that of chipmunks. If you live in Ottawa and have found that the chipmunk isn’t quite the adorable little creature that it is made out to be, then contacting the GO! Pest Control team makes perfect sense. We can quickly come around and take a look at your chipmunk problem.

Then, we’ll come up with a humane means of wildlife removal that will put an end to the problem that you face at present. 

Chipmunks Removal Ottawa: Are chipmunks not harmless?

Many people are drawn in by their cute nature and their cheeky little faces. Make no mistake, though; the chipmunk is not your friend. They are very much similar to a squirrel in that they tend to burrow underground for housing and for foraging. However, they are happy to climb over trees and fences to get into gardens to do so, and when they do then they will happily settle in.

Settled in, chipmunks begin to rapidly grow in size and in number. Before long, that duo of chipmunks you spotted could easily be much larger in number. Before long, they will amass a large grouping and will be more than happy to make a point of building and burrowing directly into where you live.

For this reason, we recommend that you spend some more time looking into wildlife and chipmunk removal. Don’t just presume they are merely playing around in the grass; chipmunks can cause some serious structural problems. They can also eat away at your garden, and turn a luscious lawn into a bare one in a timeframe you’ll struggle to believe.

Wildlife Removal Ottawa: How can I deal with chipmunks?

You can give us a call, for one. We will be more than happy to come down and handle the chipmunk invasion that you have, ensuring that you can get rid of the problem in a short space of time. They will tend to come down and eat up a lot of flower bulbs, flower seeds, vegetables and lawns. Over time, too, they will begin to cause structural damage and leave you with expensive problems to handle on garden sheds and even on your home; don’t let your chipmunk infestation fester!

Contact our team, and we can come out and begin to remove the chipmunks in a humane manner. We often use deterrents to try and get rid of them, and then turn to more significant barriers of exclusion. If this still does not work, then we will go down the extermination route to help put an end to the infestation.

As ever, make a call as soon as possible. Do not allow any chipmunk infestations to grow; over time, they will become a huge problem and cause more damage than one might expect. For a helping hand in handling this serious issue, contact us today. 

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