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      Skunks are well known for their foul strong smell. Citizens from North America, South America, Indonesia and other countries of the world where skunks are found know how to operate purity of animals or risk the anger of their particular defense procedure.
      North American skunks have peculiar black and white markings and long claws used for excavations. Striped skunks have thick stripes along their backs which join together near the trails, and white patches on their heads. Striped skunks weigh between four and ten pounds and measure twenty five inches in length. Spotted skunks are petty as they weigh not more than three pounds.
      Skunks are seen in night time and prefer to live in places that are open and spacious like pastures and forest edges. These animals can survive in any climate. During winters, they depend on fat stores for nourishment and remain in their dwelling for several continuous days or weeks.
      Skunk infestation can cause hazardous diseases to human beings. It is said that skunk is the second leading cause of rabies. There are other diseases other than rabies that these skunks can transmit. Skunks have this characteristic feature of the foul smell that people may find irritating and too hard to tolerate. They have a defensive spray that can cause irritation to the skin and may also result in temporary blindness. Skunks can also cause damage to plants, landscapes and various other structures when they hunt for food and start digging. They are the transmitters of diseases such as hepatitis, distemper, tularemia and Q-fever other than rabies.
      One way of knowing that the premises have been infested by skunk infestation is to actually see them. This may not be easy at all because they come only at night when the world is sleeping. Another way of detecting infestation is seeing furrows in the ground especially areas around foundations. If you detect any of these, it is time to contact the service provider of the GO! PEST CONTROL for eradicating skunk infestation. These skilled officials first check as to where the problem has his origin from. Then they make sure to seal all the possible areas where these skunks can get their entry from like the surroundings etc. They ask the individuals to limit the supply of food and water. Humane and non-aggressive methods are used for infestation. Their motive is not to kill these pests but to make sure that they find their habitat somewhere else and not in your premises where they do not bother human beings. Only expert level professionals are employed to carry out the tasks and ensure that the problems are solved in the safest and efficient way possible. Contact GO! PEST CONTROL for compassionate skunk removal services. For immediate help and any query call on (613)366-2202.”
      Skunk removal service in Ottawa and Toronto.

      PEST: Skunk

      HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

      POTENTIAL Disease, Structural Damage, Foul Smell, Animals, Humans

      CATEGORY: Mammal

      SOLUTION: Location / Removal / Relocation

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