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Raccoons may look as one of the most humble rodents but seeing them sniffing in trash cans with their bad and inquisitive looks, may change your outlook about them. Raccoons nest in chimneys. Some people put specialized caps on their smokestacks to avoid them resting there, but raccoons are able to get in there manually. Noticing a cap out of its original place may point to the presence of raccoon in chimneys. Sounds of babbling, whirling, from the chimney also act as a sign of infestation.
Raccoons remove the chimney cover. In addition to this, raccoons tear and remove shingles and fascia boards lining roofs in order to make an entry which can result in leakage of ceilings. Raccoons break into chimneys and their noises of rustling, whining are often heard through the night. Raccoons are carriers of diseases like rabies and distemper. Their presence is a reason to worry about as they are not good for the health. They play as a guide to smaller pests like fleas, ticks and lice. Raccoon’s droppings contain the deadly parasite known as the raccoon round-worm.
Raccoons are active at night, although they may be seen in day and evening as well. They are easy to recognize with their black facemask and black brown, white ringed tail. Their feet are adapted to climbing. They are quite large and hefty weighing around ten to twenty five pounds. Raccoons reside in nests. Raccoons do not hibernate. They may become active during winters and often breed in the month of January or February and can damage anything because they look for a roof over their head. It is important to get rid of raccoons as soon as possible to prevent damage.
Raccoons can cause physical damage to homes and buildings. GO! PEST CONTROL offers the best pest control services to its users. These services are carried out by a group of specialised people who are skilled and efficient in their work. Their job is to inspect homestead in order to determine the exact source of raccoons and also assess the duration of their infestation. All infestations are different from one another so the treatment of control also differs from each other. The raccoon control professionals are certified in environment friendly raccoon handling and are trained in non-violent methods of controlling. The controlling- techniques include marginalization, live – trapping and habitat alteration that makes the clients get rid of raccoons effectively. The skilled team will not leave the clients premises until expert analysis is been done.
Working with GO! PEST CONTROL , will be one of the finest experience that the clients will gain in comparison to other companies. A great deal of professionalism in services will be seen as they strive to meet the expectations of the clients. The services are available at affordable prices. And the best part is the clients just have to give them a call and the specialized team will do their respective parts. Get in touch with GO! PEST CONTROL to bring an end to the raccoon infestation. Call on (613)366-2202 for any query.”

PEST: Raccoon

HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL Disease, Structural Damage


SOLUTION: Location / Removal / Relocation

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