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      Chipmunks are omnivorous and small rodents that have markings that differ by species. They are also mainly classified as pest species because of their burrowing and digging habits, particularly around landscaping and houses.
      They may not attack humans but still, their burrows may cause electrical or structural damage to buildings and homes. Agricultural areas and gardens may suffer from chipmunks eating seeds, bulbs and sprouts. The moment they get into contact with the habitats of humans, they transmit insect pests and parasites that include fleas.
      Chipmunk Damage
      In Ottawa region, the digging habits of chipmunks usually create issues in the landscaped areas, flower gardens, vegetable gardens and manicured lawns. This in particular creates issues that are quite hard to handle and treat.
      If you experience ground squirrels or chipmunks in your business or home, it might become possible that they already have established entries. The burrow entrances are a lot smaller than the 3 inch diameter.
      With a greater population of chipmunks in your home, expect that the greater the damage will be created. Burrowing under patios, stairs, retaining walls and foundations can cause both the concrete and ground to collapse. Thus, it is essential to act fast once you have noticed that a chipmunk issue is identified. When you leave it unattended, it might result to more expensive repercussions.
      In connection with this, you can do some necessary measures to help keep chipmunk issues away from gardens and homes like covering vulnerable areas with wire mesh and hardware cloth. You may as well seal any holes or cracks right through the exterior walls. You may also move the bird feeders away from your home to discourage chipmunks from burrowing next to human dwellings.
      Contact Go! Pest Control for the Pest Control and Removal of Chipmunks in Ottawa Region!
      With chipmunks that can thrive and survive in many various areas, you now need to contact an expert pest control and removal company that offers chipmunk removal service. This is also especially right after you have identified a chipmunk issue in your home in Ottawa region.
      Go! Pest Control has its licensed exterminators, pest control technicians and wild removal specialists to get the job right the very first time. We have both the tools and knowledge to help eliminate chipmunk problem, no matter how complex or simple things could be.
      Each one of our professional and courteous staff members is trained in the removal of chipmunks, control techniques. They will help you identify the chipmunks and avoid future chipmunk issues and damages to your home.
      Go! Pest Control is recognized as a pest control business in Ottawa, ON region. We take pride in our Chipmunk Pest Control Ottawa,ON service that will make you feel comfortable and safe again in your workplace or home. We also have helped a lot of customers who deal with unavoidable chipmunk visitors in both businesses and homes.
      Get in touch with GO! Pest Control now and take advantage of our chipmunk removal procedure and avoid the shame brought by chipmunks. For any query or assistance on chipmunk infestation, contact us now at (613)366-2202!
      Get in touch with us now and take advantage of our chipmunk removal procedure and avoid the shame brought by chipmunks.

      PEST: Chipmunk

      HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

      POTENTIAL Disease, Structural Damage

      CATEGORY: Aves

      SOLUTION: Location / Removal / Relocation

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