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Outdoor Pest control Extermination and Wild life removal services by Go Pest Control

Our professional experts handle pest control, extermination and wildlife removal for all outdoor areas around residential and commercial properties. We aim to provide the best pest management and control services at the best value to all areas covered by Go Pest Control.
We keep a systematic approach and back it with the most up-to-date techniques to give the best quality service for both extermination and protection against future infestations. We use an approach to make sure that our outdoor wildlife removal and pest control processes do not have ill effects on the surrounding environment. We are responsible for your healthy ambience and we take extra care with this duty.

Why choose Go Pest Control outdoor extermination and wildlife removal service?

Whether it is your commercial property or a residential structure, outdoor pest control and wildlife removal is essential for the continued safety and sustained health of your employees and family members respectively. Yu cannot take any risks with the pest and insect extermination or the infestation will gradually move from the outdoor to the interior of the structure. It is also important to understand the way most pest and insect infestations progress in to a commercial or residential structure to take the correct preventative steps against the issue. We at Go Pest Control are experienced and reedy with the best practices for outdoor pest and wildlife removal to secure your properties. Our service features can be outlined as follows:

Site inspection

Our trained technicians will promptly arrive at the infestation site on order placement to take first assessment of the area. According to the outdoor infestation, the treatment strategy might have to be developed for covering a limited or extensive area. The site also has to be assessed in comparison to the indoor structures within the property boundaries.

Outdoor wildlife and pest infestation management

Our team of technicians include expert professional working in close proximity to wildlife and pest observations. These include biologists, wildlife managers, animal control professionals, zoologists, and anti animal cruelty experts. These experts together have the combined knowledge base to understand the nature of infestations and the best treatment plan to effectively control, eradicate and prevent future infestations. They also come up with and anti-cruelty treatment strategies for the outdoor areas we manage.

Preventing the outdoor infestation to progress indoors

After every site inspection we have a clear idea of eh areas on the indoor structures that are vulnerable to the attack of the growing outdoor infestation of pests and insects. Each marked area is carefully treated and sealed off. If the foundation of the residential r commercial structure is extensively vulnerable to major pest attacks such as termites, spiders or silverfish, we ensure that the property is vacated and a more extensive repair work with careful pest control treatments are undertaken immediately for the continued safety of the people living within the structure.

Customized extermination treatments according to the infestation type

Each of our extermination treatments are carefully designed according to the type of infestation we encounter in the outdoor area of the property. We are prepared for the most likely pest and wildlife encroachment expected of that particular area. Our experts have a vast knowledge base we refer to in terms of seasonal shift of wildlife in the area and the tendency of weather changes to affect different pest lifecycles in the area. Our customized treatments cover many different types of pests and wildlife attacks including but not limited to:


Most raccoons venture on to the roofs of the property structures. They are the most likely candidates to infest outdoor areas where there are any possibilities of food. We use raccoon protective screening to protect vulnerable property areas. We also use proper organic treatments to discourage raccoons from revisiting outdoor areas and properties particularly close to their habitats.

Bat- Skunk

both bat and skunk infestation control depend on a two-fold preventative plan. We focus on discouraging the animals from vesting your properties. It is also important identify vulnerable areas on the main property structures to ensure they do not get an entry point indoors.

Bird control

we focus n deterring and excluding techniques to discourage the infestation of birds on the outdoor areas or property structures in your area. This also entails modifying the outdoor structures of different properties to ensure that the birds do not have place to congregate. Often that is the start of the nuisance and destruction of vehicles and properties in the area. This type of infestation is very common for outdoor areas of municipal and commercial properties.

Ants- termites

These infestation occur very randomly in many properties however the initiation point for the infestation often come from the outdoors. Both these types of insects are quite dangerous for humans as well as the foundation of the property. Pesticides and insecticides are often the best treatment procedure for this infestation. However, the severity of the infestation, the area of origin and the type of insect variety will play a huge role in the customization of the most effective and safe treatment processes for this situation.