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Mouse is the most successful rodent found in the house. It is found almost everywhere where people are, feeding on human food, reproducing at an outstanding rate and shielding in human constructions. It is the most problematic and economically important pest that alone destroys millions of dollars and causing electrical fires with its constant distressing sound.
Some of the mouse’s favorite place to reside are, in and around human homes and structures that are man-made. A human place provides mice with their favourite foods like cereals, meat, nuts, fruits and grains. Also places with centralised heating give them warm places to take shelter in during winters. House mice may take shelter underground or in some deserted location in the house. They make their houses out of paper or other materials present in the house, warehouses and fields.
Mice’s are called the most destructive pest as they not only provide harm to the property or people but also do some kind of damage where plagues are present. These rodents consume more than three grams of food everyday but destroy much more than that because of their gnawing habits. They damage crops before harvest, contaminate packages with their urine and excreta and nibble through containers. Since these rodents spend a lot of time in dustbins and filthy locations, they have the capacity to spread salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and rat bite fever. Humans get diseases, accidentally, by coming into contact and consuming their urine and excreta.
House mice also have the capability for structural damage. Their teeth grow at a faster rate and they must nibble to keep the length under control. This causes damage to walls, books and paintings and damage to support beams and walls that deteriorates over time.
There is no fixed method to control against house mouse infestations. Some ways to avoid getting mouse entering into the houses are- cleaning homes regularly, elimination of muddle in basements, keeping food stored in tight and pest free containers and removal of garbage in plots.
House mice are not very duplicitous and infestations can be noticed early. When the first signs of any such activity are noticed, the house owners should immediately contact GO! PEST CONTROL FOR MICE. Their services are quick and easily approachable. They are available twenty four hours a day. They provide professional, reliable and prompt service. They provide a money back guarantee. For any query and to get rid of mice problems, call on (613)366-2202.”

PEST: Mouse

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Hidden Interior

POTENTIAL DAMAGE: Infestation, Disease, Animals, Humans


SOLUTION: Location / Extermination / Removal

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