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Mosquitoes are small midge like flies which comprise the family Culicidae. Females of most species are called ectoparasites, which have a tube shaped mouth to consume blood. The only silver lining to these mosquitoes, are they are a source of food for thousands on animals including birds, bats and frogs. Humans are not the first preference for source of food to mosquitoes; they equally prefer horses, cattle and birds.
Mosquitoes are seen and found in areas where there is dampness. They are seen in early morning or winters. With mosquito bites, there comes disease that affects the health of an individual badly. Mosquito bites are often injurious to health. Mosquito bites can be very itch and irritating. Some people develop swelling in the area of mosquito bites. These bites may also cause scarring to the skin because you may scratch it so hard to the skin starts to break. A mosquito bite can cause a reoccurring rash because these mosquitoes may affect the affected area again. Again itchiness may be there followed by scratching and ultimately leading to breaking the skin in the form of scars, which may be difficult to get rid of. Mosquito bites can also affect pets and transmit problems in them. When the warm months of winter arrive, the plentiful greenery provides mosquitoes to hide themselves until evening when they come out of their home-sheds and hunt and look for food. Activities, that are, enjoyed outside poses a danger to the individuals and susceptible to bites and other inconveniences.
Home remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes are very common. It is often said that burning woods is quite effective. Hanging around the campfire keeps mosquitoes away from attacking but as soon you away from the smoke, there are chances of getting attacked by the mosquitoes. At hotels in Cuba, they smoke fire every evening just to make the hotel rid of mosquitoes. There is a mosquito plant that helps and acts as a repellent against the mosquitoes. It gives off a lemon scent and is a Geranium. Red cedar mulch and chips may work as a repellent too protecting your yard from mosquitoes. A strong scent is all what is required for protection and making the area look beautiful. If there is adequate water in the areas where mosquitoes hang around, coffee grounds may be put in the water which may prevent any new eggs from hatching.
Mosquito treatment consists of a residual spray that is used on shrubbery where the adults are likely to rest. It is recommended to tend to areas where adequate water may be harbouring mosquito larvae, so working with GO! PEST CONTROL will remove the breeding grounds which will decrease the chances of infestation. Home remedies are great to help get rid of the mosquitoes especially at homes or business premises but if they still do not work then its best to contact world’s best pest control service- GO! PEST CONTROL for the desired help. An exterminator will visit the home for investigation and will plan a procedure to maximize the effectiveness of the mosquito control and removal process. They are specialized in mosquito removal processes and know what exactly is to be done for the abolition of mosquitoes. Call on (613)366-2202, for immediate hep on pest control for mosquitos.”

PEST: Mosquito

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease, Humans, Animals


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination