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Fleas are wingless insects that are dark coloured and are physically or mentally nimble with tube like mouth with altered to consuming on the blood of their hosts. They have long legs well equipped for jumping. The flea body is hard and polished covered with hair and miniscule spines which also assist its movement on the host. Even hard squeezing between the fingers is insufficient for killing a flea. They should be abandoned by pressing individual fleas with an adhesive tape or squeezing them tightly between the fingers and then crushing it between the finger nails.
Fleas go through complete metamorphoses egg, larva, pupa and adult. Adult fleas feel on blood before they reproduce. The flea life cycles commences when the flea lays after feeding. Eggs are laid on the host itself in the batches of twenty or so. The eggs take about two days to two weeks in hatching-the time period may vary from condition to condition. Flea larvae develop from the eggs to feed on any biological material such as the dead insects or the fecus. Since, they are blind so they avoid sunlight. If provided with adequate amount of food, larvae should pupate and weave a cocoon within one to two weeks after three larval stages. After a week or two, the adult flea becomes fully developed and is ready to arise from the cocoon. Once the flea reaches adulthood its main objective is to find blood and reproduce. Adult fleas usually have a weak to look for food once they emerge and then afterwards, they can survive for two to three years between meals. Flea population has about fifty per cent eggs, thirty five per cent larvae, ten per cent pupae and five per cent adults. Their life span can be a minimum of one year and a maximum of several years.
Flea infestation should be done at an early stage because a little late may spread the infestation. The process of identification is not that difficult. A complete watch over the pets is the first thing that should be looked upon. If you see the pets scratching or grooming themselves a lot, then there are chances of flea infestation. The pets should be laid on their backs and the fur should be diligently focused to see if there are fleas sprawling under the belly. Another method to look for infestation is to go for flea dirt. These will look like rough ground pepper and will always be present at the places where the pet is likely to go.
GO! PEST CONTROL services for flea infestation are the best services in the world. They will provide with the best and efficient extermination services that one would look for. They have an experienced and highly trained staff that will look for professionalism while conducting the extermination. Immediate surroundings of the home-shed will be inspected with a hope to know the exact cause of the infestation to avoid any future occurrences. The environment should be treated with a foggier or spray insecticide containing an insect growth regulator to kill eggs and pupae. Frequent vacuuming will be done by the team of professionals but the vacuum bag should be disposed of immediately.
Working with GO! PEST CONTROL may be one of the finest experiences that the individuals will gain in comparison to other companies. A great deal of professionalism in services will be seen as they thrive to meet the expectations of the clients. Get in touch with GO! PEST CONTROL to bring an end to flea infestation. Call on (613)366-2202 for any query.”

PEST: Flea

HABITAT: Outdoor, Indoor, Animals, Humans

POTENTIAL Infestation, Disease


SOLUTION: Location & Extermination