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Health Risks of Wildlife Invasions in Homes

As urban sprawl becomes more common, wildlife areas are shrinking, and more wildlife are coming into the cities. This migration of wildlife can cause a health risk in our homes. There is a need for wildlife control in Ottawa. Wildlife coming into the city includes a mixture of larger animals, such as moose and coyotes, as well as smaller animals and rodents, like skunks. There are also species of birds and bats that are moving into cities like Ottawa that cause health concerns.

What is wildlife control?

Wildlife control in Ottawa refers to the process of removing or controlling wild animals and insects that interfere with your life or damage your property. These animals and insects can place your family and loved ones at risk. They can also pose a significant health risk to people. These health risks don’t just include the physical injury that wildlife can cause, such as bites and broken bones, but also other health concerns, like illnesses they may carry or flea and tick infestations they might introduce to our homes, loved ones, pets, and even to the local wildlife we do want around.

The wildlife you don’t suspect

There are some animals that look so cute you don’t think that there is any reason to fear them being in our homes, but there needs to be Wildlife control in Ottawa for your own safety. There are various movies and commercials about racoons, and they appear to be cute and harmless, but there are health concerns with them having human contact. People often think of rabies with rodents and varmints. This is a health risk, but there are other health risks that are often overlooked. Racoons are carriers of other diseases, such as roundworms and salmonella. Roundworm can be transmitted through parasite eggs that are carried by racoons; this disease can damage the nervous system and damage the eyes and brain. Salmonella is a disease that many people have heard of; there have been many recalls of food because of possible salmonella poisoning. Racoons are one creature that can contaminate food with salmonella, putting people at risk of getting sick or dying. There are many other animals that bring these diseases to people as well, such as squirrels.


Another reason we need Wildlife control in Ottawa is the increase in new species of birds and bats coming into our homes. Birds are beautiful creatures that should be admired, but not all birds should be around us. There are pet birds and common birds that are already adapted into our habitat, such as pigeons and seagulls. With new ones coming in, there is an increase in health risks. When new species come into our habitat, there are new funguses and diseases that can come with them. One of these is histoplasmosis, which can occur when someone inhales the spores of fungus from bird droppings. This can cause the body to have chest pains, difficulty breathing, and mouth sores.

Wildlife control in Ottawa is not just for animals and birds that carry diseases, but also to ensure that animals, such as skunks and coyotes, that can cause damage to households and urban areas are removed. This damage places people at risk of being hurt.

There will always be human and animal interaction. This world was made for all humans and animals, but there needs to be Wildlife control in Ottawa for all our safety. For more information click here.

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