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      Groundhogs are whistle-pigs or woodchucks that can usually be found all throughout Canada, particularly in the Ottawa region. Since they fall as a member of the mammot family, they really are a pest with their digging nature. They usually spend the mornings sunning and grazing themselves that make them easy to find in fields, meadows and yards.
      The mere fact that they are burrowing creatures, their burrowing habits can be extremely expensive to all property owners. This is especially true if their problem is left unattended. The pests destroy pastures and eat crops with their denning and tunneling habits. They could also simply injure the livestock that step into the groundhog holes. In addition to that, groundhogs can carry a lot of parasites that include botflies, fleas, chiggers, ticks and lice. These are also known to spread diseases that include tularemia and rabies.
      Groundhog Damage
      Groundhogs can bring major damages and issues to home gardeners and even to farmers. They loved it eating vegetables leaving the soil even weaker in some areas. Thus, the damages could be seen in farm equipments and around the house.
      Rabies can even become a major concern for those who have groundhogs on their homes and properties. They are still mammals and they are more prone to the disease. Nevertheless, it will help if you remove and trap groundhogs from the property. Actually, there are still more effective solutions that can be considered when handling problems with groundhogs.
      Contact Go! Pest Control for the Pest Control and Removal of Groundhog in Ottawa Region!
      Go!Pest Control carries out the best groundhog removal services in Ottawa region! We mainly specialize in all other removal methods that will help eliminate your issue. If ever you have a groundhog issue, call us and visit our website for more information about how we will be able to solve your issue. We appreciate you for considering us.
      Our groundhog pest control and removal service in Ottawa region will be the best and most permanent solution. If a groundhog is living in your backyard or in your garden, rest assured that our service will bring you with one-hundred percent guaranteed results.
      We understand how immediate it is to remove groundhog from your property. Our team of experts will be here to handle your issue and provide you with the best coverage all throughout the city. In the event that we could not make it to you on the very same night, we will provide you the service the next day or morning.
      Our service will include a full inspection of the property. Preventative and immediate assistance will be offered to you at a very affordable price. If you have a groundhog problem, meet our groundhog removal specialists that will be there for you in Ottawa region!
      We are more than confident in our material, work and technicians that will explain, find and solve your problem in just one day. We are here to help you anywhere you are in the Ottawa region!
      Groundhog removal specialists in Ottawa and Toronto.

      PEST: Groundhog

      HABITAT: Outdoor, Hidden Interior

      POTENTIAL Disease, Structural Damage

      CATEGORY: Aves

      SOLUTION: Location / Removal / Relocation

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