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How to get rid of Mice!


Know the Most Successful and Easiest Ways for Pest Control Ottawa Mice

You can be hacked off seeing your house populated by mice. House mouse is one of the most common rodents found in Canada. Generally, mice barge in homes during winter season as they need a shelter for warmth. These rodents tear down a lot of things such as furniture, but do you know mice can be a threat to your health? You can become victim to plague, Hantavirus, rat-bite fever and other fatal infections. If you’re really flustered by gnawing habits of rats and looking for effective ways for pest control Ottawa mice, Go! Pest Control can help you.

Tips for Mice Removal Ottawa by Go! Pest Control:

Eliminate entry ways to stop mice to invade your house

Don’t take mice lightly. Before any attempt for pest control Ottawa, you should examine your house completely to know does it have tiny holes and cracks on walls or floor. The most common entry of mice is utility pipes. Ensure all pipes are fixed properly. There’s no leakage. Don’t leave even a tiny space at threshold. Install sweeps on door exteriors and screen openings and vents in chimneys.

Use mouse traps to have a mice free home

A mouse trap is the fantastic way to combat mice. Use wooden traps if your house has moderate mice population. You can also use electronic and snap E mouse traps. Fixing the traps at a right place is the critical step. Find out their sleeping place and place the trap a few inches away. You can also place the trap behind the furniture as skittish mice usually dawdle around the furniture. If your house is turning into a shelter for mice, contact us. We encompass the brilliant staff that is expert in pest control Ottawa mice.

Sanitation is very important to stop mice intrude into your house

Cleaning is very important to ward off mice entering the house. Mice can survive on a few grams of food per day. If you house is accommodated with mice, you might be feeding them unintentionally. Eliminate residues and food crumbs fanned out all over the floor. A house with kids is more prone to mice as they waste food and throw crumbs everywhere. Vacuum your floor and throw your garage regularly.

Call mice exterminator Ottawa, ON for pest control Ottawa mice

You need a mice exterminator Ottawa if you’ve been trying to toss out them for more than a few weeks and all your efforts went in vain. GO! Pest Control is a professional mouse exterminator. Here are the reasons why you need to hire us.

We know all places where mice can hide. We will save you a lot of time in locating the places.

We are expert in baiting mice and know all their ways to dodge. We use the best bait tricks to finish all mice from your house.

We know all entry ways. We will seal up tightly all tiny holes and cracks in your walls. We will keep inspecting your house regularly and use different strategies unless your house becomes mice free.

So if you are annoyed with mice and want to turn out the rats, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on a toll-free number or leave a message. We will quickly solve the issue.

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