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Commercial Pest Control, extermination and wildlife removal services by GO! Pest Control:

Imagine your esteemed clients coming into your business premises only to be confronted with a skunk or a wild raccoon? Worse still, what if your restaurant or food delivery business premises are infested with mice or rodents? What if the storage area or warehouse for your delivery goods is run down with an invasive infestation of bats? Each of these pest and rodents attack scenarios can effectively put a pause on your business undertakings. Some pest infestations might even lead to suspension of the commercial license to practice in particular food and hospitality niches.
Your business needs complete projection from pests, insects and wildlife t ensure continued quality of your brand reputation. At GO! Pest Control, we understand how important it is to keep a safe and hygienic environment within your commercial workspace. Everyday your business premises are visited by different clients and prospective collaborators who expect the highest professional standards from the upkeep and maintenance of your office. We understand these standards and aim to exceed expectations in helping you keep your commercial establishment 100% pest, insects and wildlife invasion free.


Why choose Go Pest Control for your commercial pest extermination and wildlife control?

When looking for a commercial pest control and management service, you have to be astute in picking out the features that best suit your current requirements. We are upfront and honest about all our services, features and service areas to give the clients all pertinent information with just a short perusal of our website.

Professionally trained technicians

We only have highly skilled and experience technicians working on our team for commercial pest control and management services. Every professional exterminator working under the Go Pest Control banner is fully licensed and certified to work with the chemical and physical treatments required for commercial grade pest management services.

Customized extermination strategies for commercial properties

We understand that every business property is unique. The way the pest and rodent infestation progresses in these properties is just as unique. It is our duty to have the correct treatment response ready for each unique pest and wildlife attack problem to not only solve it completely but also prevent it from recurring in the future. We customize our treatment solutions according to each custom problem. We also come prepared to handle the infestation in all its guises and take the time to asses the vulnerable areas within the property to prevent the recurrence of the issue.

Wide range of service coverage areas

We provide a wide range of service area coverage to keep our clients happy and worry free with Go Pest Control services. We provide commercial extermination and wildlife control services for Orleans, Carp, Nepean, Ottawa, Gloucester, Stittsville, Barheaven, Cumberland and surrounding areas.

Safe and effective extermination practices for interior commercial spaces

GO! Pest Control Ottawa understand the value of business properties and office assets when undertaking a pest extermination treatment strategy. We offer post-decontamination services for cleanup of office interiors so you can resume work within hours of the extermination treatment. Our specialists only use organic grade treatments and chemical pesticides to ensure completely safe environment post extermination.

Prompt response and fast action

The biggest advantage of a locally exterminator service is the prompt response time and fast action that we can provide with every cal placement. We have branches in all major service areas listed on our website. We offer immediate response service to tackle commercial extermination at a pace that allows you to resume your business within the shortest time lag.

Bare bones of our commercial pest extermination and wildlife control service strategy

With each commercial treatment, we come up with customized strategies. However, we do have a general systematic procedure for commercial extermination under the Go Pest Control banner

Premise inspection

we always start with a comprehensive site inspection focussing on finding the infestation prone areas and most vulnerable areas where wildlife and rodents can enter the premises. This check is conducted for both the inside and outside perimeter of the commercial property. The plan of action for treatment of the infestation will depend on these inspections and the type of infestation currently plaguing your property.

Future infestation preventive measures

we always ensure to put in focussed measures against future pest infestations and wildlife attacks within the commercial property. This includes sealing the entries and vulnerable areas of the property and adding a protective treatment for the premises against the most likely pest and insect type prone for attacking that area.

Seasonal pest problem measures

the weather conditions, seasonal changes, and several other factors contribute to the trend of pest infestations and wildlife attacks for different commercial properties in different areas. With our experience in the field, we come prepared to handle the situation before it transforms in to a huge mess. We offer seasonal packages to our commercial clients to safeguard against infestations at the turn of the season before an infestation has the chance to take hold. This saves critical time and efforts that are wasted in handling the situation after an attack already occurs.

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