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Carpenter Ants By GO! Pest Control

Carpenter Ants

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For any home owner in Ottawa, one of the most frustrating infestations that you could have to deal with is carpenter ants. These more aggressive blend of ants can often become a major source of frustration for a home owner, and could put the general condition and care of your home in serious jeopardy. If you want to do something about your carpenter ants problem, then our rodent removal services can be just what you need. At GO! Pest Control, we have extension experience in handling many forms of pest control. Including the kind of carpenter ant removal Ottawa home owners can benefit from.

Carpenter Ant Removal Ottawa: What are Carpenter Ants?

Usually, the carpenter ant will make its way into your home from the exterior. They tend to come from colonies formed in old, dead or severely rotten wood. Once they get what they need from that less comfortable domain, they’ll try to take refuge in the stronger, safer wood of your own home.

They linger around, unseen, and tend to start causing massive problems from a structural standpoint. This is why, at GO! Pest Control, we recommend you call out our carpenter ant exterminator immediately. It’s important that they are dealt with, as they are extremely hard to handle on your own and need a very professional approach to deal with.

Since this breed of ant loves damp and wet conditions, they often pray on things like decks, patios and frames of windows, sheds and much more. They can quickly multiply in number and in size and, before long, will be making a beeline for your actual home to start making that their next meal.

With GO! Pest Control, we can help to put an end to that and ensure that your home is free of carpenter ants for the long-term.

Carpenter Ant Exterminator Ottawa: What Can We Do?

Dealing with the blight of the carpenter ant is often a frustrating, trying experience. Since they get so far into the wood of your home and set up so many smaller satellite colonies, removing them becomes a major undertaking. Their secrecy makes it hard to find them, but we know what to do if we want to locate and then destroy their nest(s).

Without having to be the guestimate experience that was once the backbone of carpenter ant removal, we have a much more refined process today. We can find their location suing thermal projections, meaning we can find the colonies without having to stick around and use hit and hope tactics to draw them out.

A proven solution awaits: we just need the go-ahead from you to begin the work needed to put an end to what is a very frustrating problem for home owners.

For rapid and reliable carpenter ant removal Ottawa home owners and business owners should contact the GO! Pest Control team today. We’ll put in place the perfect opportunity to get ri

d of these irritating problems from home or business once and for all. for more information, contact our team today for any details you may need about the removal of these pests.

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