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The city of Ajax comes under the Greater Toronto Area located on the shores of Lake Ontario. This picturesque city came into being after the Second World War and rapidly developed as one of the few industrial towns of Canada. It was very well planned city; however, one thing that no one quite thought about was the pest infestations that affected most of the residential and commercial properties. The pest control service providing companies in Ajax are always found to be busy exterminating pests from different properties. Go Pest Control is considered as an industry leader in pest control as it offers high quality service at the most affordable rate.

Pest infestations in Ajax

Go Pest Control has been involved in pest extermination assignments in the Ajax region for several years. We have been freeing up many residential and commercial properties in Ajax and are considered as one of the most reliable pest control service providers in Ajax. Our professional and well-trained customer support team gives ample time to every caller to describe their pest infestation problem. They even provide free telephonic consultation to the callers. In case of an emergency, they instruct our pest control experts to visit the caller’s house or office. Pest infestations that are often reported in Ajax include rats and mice, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, stink bugs, bees / wasps, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, and termites. The pest control experts at our Go Pest Control Ajax branch carry out extermination of all the aforementioned pests with impeccable precision.

Pest Management Program by Go Pest Control Ajax

Pest management program is not limited to just extermination of pests from homes, offices or storehouses; it also includes strategizing and executing plans to counter different types of pest infestation. Thus, the pest control measures adopted for extermination of termites will be completely different from the one used for rodents like rats or mice. Go Pest Control Ajax takes extreme care in developing methods that have scientific backing and use only the latest tools or equipments during the extermination process.
Typical daily routine of an expert pest controller at Go Pest Control Ajax comprises of field visits to various commercial and residential properties within the city from where callers had requested for our services. He/she carries out a complete inspection of the property and then decides on the best possible method to exterminate the pest infestation. Everything that our team does comes within the set norms of pest management program developed by Go Pest Control.

Cockroach extermination by Go Pest Control Ajax

Cockroach infestation is on the top of the list of pest infestations in Ajax and it seems the city has just too many encounters with this filthy creature. They are not only ugly looking but spread several diseases, which implies greater health risks for city residents. The moment our team receives a call for extermination of cockroach infestations, they act according to the rulebook. After the inspection of the property, pest controllers from Go Pest Control Ajax get down to finding the source or the nest where cockroaches actually breed. Once they are able to locate the best, chemical to clear out the nest is sprayed inside the holes or crevices. We use chemicals that are biodegradable and pose no health hazards to residents or their pets.

Rodent extermination by Go Pest Control Ajax

Rodents such as rats and mice are absolute nuisance as they not only nibble at anything and everything but also spread a lot of diseases. Pest like fleas and many other germs live on the bodies of rodents like rats and mice. These spread numerous dreadful diseases, which puts the health of inmates at a very high risk. You cannot afford such health risks for your family members or employees and hence need help in rodent extermination. Go Pest Control Ajax has the necessary pest management program to flush out rodents from your properties. They even ensure the prevention re-infestation in future by providing some basic training to the occupants of residential and commercial properties.

Go Pest Control - Affordability and Excellence

People believe that quality comes with a big price tag but as far as Go Pest Control services are concerned, we offer excellent quality at pocket-friendly prices. We believe in using techniques and equipments that reduce the price burden of our customers. We drive pests out of your house at an unbelievable price. We are able to offer our services at such competitive rates because our branch at Ajax has a team of pest control experts that comprises of locals from the city itself. Thus, we are able to save a lot of money on the transportation and this price benefit is passed on to the client.
At Go Pest Control Ajax, we do everything to make our services excellent yet affordable for our customers.