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Our company was established back in 2015 and we have maintained an excellent reputation since then by serving people in Ottawa. Now we are looking forward to expand our services and help people in Toronto to deal with frustrating pests.

We hope to bring the best possible pest control services for the people in Toronto, just like we helped the people in Ottawa to get rid of the frustration of pests.

If you are living in Toronto, you would have a clear understanding about how frustrating the pests are. We are omnisciently present everywhere and it would not be an easy task for you to stay away from them. Whether its beetles or ants in the weeds of your vegetable garden or kitchen, pests can be frustrating. On the other hand, you feel reluctant to try out the pest control methods on our own because you are aware of the harmful side effects that are associated with pesticides.

That’s where you need to think about seeking the assistance of a professional pest control service such as Go Pest Control. While looking to control the frustration of pests, you need to get in touch with a reputed service provider. Go Pest Control has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past by providing the best domestic and commercial pest control services for the people in need.

Go Pest Control offers a variety of services for domestic and commercial clients. We include the removal of:


Mice and rats can be considered as the most common pest that invades commercial and domestic properties. We exclusive rodent removal methods in order to control them in a professional manner. Moles and squirrels also belong to the family of rodents. The experts would follow environmental friendly methods in order to remove them. In addition, necessary steps would be taken to tackle the infestations as well.

Crawling insects

Go Pest Control would struggle to make crawling insects a thing of the past for commercial and residential property owners in Toronto. Beetle, ant, cockroach and moth infestations have the ability to create a tremendous impact on the reputation of your company. In addition, we possess a huge safety risk as well. The pest control services offered by Go Pest Control incorporate latest techniques, which can be used to get rid of crawling insect infestations in an effective manner.

Flying insects

Go Pest Control offers a variety of treatments for domestic and commercial property owners who are in need of effective flying insect removals. When your business place or home is infested with drain flies, common house flies or blow flies, you don’t need to worry about anything and you just need to seek the assistance of Go Pest Control. The professional technicians would figure out the entry points and deliver a permanent solution.

Fleas, bed bugs and textile pests

Go Pest Control can also help individuals to get rid of fleas, bed bugs and textile pets including brown house moth, case bearing clothes moth, common clothes moth and carpet beetle. We are aware of the best methods that need to be followed to deliver a permanent solution within the budget.